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Support & Services

If you are a parent or student who is interested in learning more about Fairview Alternative High School, please contact your high school counselor or FAHS directly at 651-604-3800.

What does FAHS stand on?

  • All people can and want to learn.
  • There is a balance between teacher-led and student-directed learning.
  • Flexibility and choice can increase motivation in our learning community.
  • In creating a strong connection to future career options, we can be successful.

Fairview Alternative High School meets student needs by individualized and small group instruction through smaller class sizes, personalized learning experiences, flexible scheduling, and a work-based learning curriculum.

The purpose of Fairview Alternative High School is to create a less traditional, more flexible environment; to expand options for students; to establish supportive relationships with students, staff, and families to ensure academic success; and to empower students.

Students will have the opportunity to earn their Roseville Area School Diploma, combine school and a career, improve academic and vocational skills, maximize creative talent, learn through individualized and small group instruction, develop and define social skills, and explore responsible patterns to make positive life choices.